Easter in Art


Kristine T. G. Hardeberg



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  • The history of art contains numerous images telling the Easter story. 
  • In this lecture, you will see both famous and lesser know masterpieces, and you will learn about themes and symbols connected to the different days of Passion/Easter.
  • Learn about how trends and styles have changed, whereas the core has remained the same for hundreds of years.
  • Be surprised and touched by these timeless, beautiful and often strong works of art.
  • Giotto, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and many more.
  • Christ riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday
  • The last supper on Maundy Thursday
  • The horror and grief of Holy Friday
  • The joy and hope of Easter Day.
  • Join me on this exciting journey!
  • Time frame: About an hour
  • Ticket: 21 £
  • You have access for two months.

Kristine T. G. Hardeberg